What are CERES coins ?

The bright spot in a dark cryptouniverse.

NAME: CERES COIN (TICKER: CERC), Supply: 184.446 Trillion coins

A few forewords: we are not here to profit and make money out of this, so this is absolutely not a ponzi nor any pump and dump scheme, AND we will make sure it will never be. WE ARE HERE TO IMPROVE OUR WORLD IN THE MOST HUMANIST WAY WE CAN.

With that said, ...
This cryptocurrency is based on cryptonote, it uses a private key image in each transaction which makes it untraceable, however it is linkable for double spending, mining is made with pool (cryptonight algorithm).

Where CERES is brilliant, is that it is not speculative so this coin is an excellent store of value

We acheive this by simply programming it price with a fixed formula.

With CERES, you also know that the funds will not be used in obscure schemes, and help projects materialized and better humans life on earth and beyond.

CERES platform is a micro-funding system that provides resources where they are usually scarce. The coin is your voice in participating in create a future.

If you win Everybody wins

If your are on the lending side, you get you money back all the time, but if you support a project that failed it will simple take longer to break-eaven

If you are on the borrower side, and failed you still have to reimburse what you borrow but always at the pace you can afford.

Name origin:

Ceres is a dwarf planet and the largest astronomical object in the asteroid belt, a region of our solar system that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter; Its diameter of approximately 945 km makes it the thirteenth largest known object in the solar system.
Ceres became well-known for its mysterious "Bright Spot". more ...

Coin specification :

Symbol: CERC (Ticker)
Address58: c* (base58)

The basics

Money Supply: 184.446 Trillion
Decimal point: 8
Emission: (Supply - M0) / 2^speed; with Speed = 18

GENESIS block hash :

Minimum fee: 0.00100000


P2Puuid : 7ca917b0-5a5c-8cfa-500e-d269d7e2fa2c
P2P port: 18692
RPC port: 18691

seed_node: cerc.duckdns.org:18692


difficulty : 108
block per day : 24 * 3600 / 108  per second

maturity: 60; time limit: 2 hours


Rewards: emission unless big block : reward * (1 - size * (2 median - size) / median^2 )

 block window: 100
 block size threshold: 10240B
 coinbase blob: 600B
 minimum fee: 0.001


Proof-of-Work : CryptoNight
Tx Validation : ring signatures
Double Spending: private key image

TRUSTED_PUB_KEY = "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"














Source Code: